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Join us every night, during the lock down, at 19h on Zoom for our National Virtual Campfire Chat. Each evening we have a different host discussing very interesting topics. Be part of our discussion!

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Please only connect at 19h sharp as the timer runs for 40 minutes from the time the first person links in.

Upcoming topics are:

18th JML Rotary Scouts – the history and programme it offers Scouts Daniel Skriker
19th Using Whatsapp to replace Meetings – the effectiveness and challenges Ahmad Solomon
20th Running a Cub Interest Badge from Home Mathilde Akar
21st Interesting Hikes around the WC and other areas Nigel Foreshaw
22nd Road to Springbok (Sharing of ideas) Jemma Reinecke / Ryan de Jager
23rd Mentoring Cameron Belling
24th Nature Challenge Tony Robela
25th Scouting in World War II Peter le Roux
26th Busy was the new happy.  What now? Robby Kojetin
27th How the Patrol System develops leadership Gavin Penkin
28th Scouts.Digital:  A deep dive into Why and What Richard Shearer
29th Our Heritage – a look at our museums and Scout Library Paula Groenewald
30th How to run a successful Warrants Committee Shane Gardiner

What would you like to know more about? Who would you like to hear from?

Do you have ideas for more topics? They don’t have to be purely Scouting related.
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This forum is open to all Adult Leaders of SCOUTS South Africa.

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