I enjoy doing raft races!

With Akela 2016 at our doorstep we are still chatting to Cubs nationwide. Today we are talking to Eric Cecil Shutte (10) from 58th Duebow Cub Pack in KwaZulu-Natal.

Eric imageSSA: Why is Cubbing so much fun?
Cubbing is fun because I get to go on camps and learn new stuff. I also get to make new friends out of school.

SSA: What was your best experience with Cubs?
I enjoy doing raft races!

SSA: What is the weirdest thing you ate outdoors?
A stew that I cooked in tin foil over a fire was the weirdest thing I ate outdoors.

SSA: What was the toughest challenge at Cubs?
Going to the Soapbox Darby (Eshawe) was the toughest challenge.

SSA: What was the most amazing place you visited with Cubs?
I visited the Midmar Dam and we had lots of fun even when it was raining.

SSA: Can you name a few things you have learnt by being a Cub?
I have learnt how to fix a tap, cook on a gas unit, the safety of lightening a match, first aid and also how to listen to Akela.

SSA: What things have you done with Cubs to help people in your community?
I have helped clean up gardens and removing litter.

SSA: What did you teach your mum that you learned at Cubs?
I taught my mum how to cook stew in tin foil on the fire.

SSA: What makes a good Akela?
A good Akela has fun with us, teaches us about our environment and about survival tents and also how to survive in the wild.

SSA: Why is your Akela special?
My Akela is special because she helps us with our projects and she makes me feel special.

Cubbing Rocks because … you get to go on camps, learn things and make lots of friends!

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