Monkey business with a smile

On Thursday the 14th of July the National and Western Cape Office staff visited Heaven’s Nest, an Early Childhood Development Center in Cape Town. The aim was to spread a little joy in their lives and hand over the 28 hand knitted blankets, 100 items of food supplies, educational packs and crafty treat packets to the children and support team at the home.

Web sowing the squaresFor the past six months staff members have been knitting squares in order to be able to donate a number of blankets to an Early Childhood Development Center. “Last year it was my turn to run a team building activity and I just thought it would be nice to teach some of my colleagues a new skill and simultaneously give back to others. I had heard about the blanket project before and when I suggested it, everybody was very keen. I am glad that we were able to knit so many. I just think that for the children and people at the home it’s nice to know that people care and made this for them by hand and took the time to visit and play with them”, explains Yolanda Philander, retail assistant for the national shop. “I can’t believe we actually knitted 28 blankets! It was a lot of work, especially sowing all the squares together but it was great to be able to give the home so many” says Leah Klemm, our volunteer from Germany with a smile.

web crafty bagsSCOUTS South Africa’s accountant Charmaine de Kock and her daughter Danae designed the educational and treat packets which were decorated by staff members during a team building session. “I would do anything to see and hear the children laugh”, she says. “Playing’ ring a ring a roses’, seeing the children play on the monkey bars and seeing them giggle when Leah taught them how to scare baboons was fun. It was great to see them enjoy themselves”. Project assistant Nosisa Mhlathi echoes this sentiment “playing with bubbles and seeing the kids forget their sorrows and just have fun was worth it!”

web nat and wc team

A few Staff members with the donation

It is clear that the donation is a small drop in the ocean for the children but hopefully it will bring them some warmth during this cold winter. When we asked the rest of the team what they thought of the experience, the answer was unanimous “It was a lot of work but it was awesome!”

The project was funded by the ECD Grant raised by Chief Scout Sibusiso Vilane in partnership with Nangu Thina and the Umckaloabo Foundation. It forms part of the 100 ECD projects we are striving to complete nationwide as part of the Cub Centenary Celebrations.