An Akela can herd cats and make it look easy!

Akela 2016 kicks off today! Who are the volunteers behind the scene that are making this fabulous event happen? We spoke to Scout Group Leader Stuart Baker from the Protea Ridge Cub Pack also is also one of the Akela 2016  Sub Camp Chiefs. 

StuartSSA: How long have you been involved in the Scouting Movement?
I was once a Cub and Scout but as an adult I’ve been in the movement approximately 4 years, 1 year as a committee member, 1 year as the Chairman and almost 2 as a uniform member.

SSA: Why did you join the Cubbing branch?
As a Scout Group Leader I feel it is important to get involved and support both the Troop and Pack in any way I can.

SSA: What drives you to be of service to children?
I enjoy seeing how the children grow and develop. Just seeing how my daughters have thrived by being in the Movement inspires me to do the same for other children.

SSA: What is the nicest thing a Cub has ever said to you?
“See you next week Tatsu!”

SSA: What makes a good Akela / Pack Scouter?
A good Akela/Pack Scouter is someone who has the ability to herd cats and make it look so easy!

SSA: What are you personally looking forward to for Akela 2016?
Learning new things, like how to heard cats! I’ve always said to my Pack Scouters that running a Pack meeting is like trying to herd cats all in the same direction!

SSA: What do you hope Akela 2016 achieves?
I hope it will increase knowledge and idea sharing among the Pack Scouters.

SSA: Lastly, we asked 100 Cubs what the weirdest thing is that they have eaten whilst on a camp. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten outdoors?
The weirdest thing I’ve eaten outdoors are locusts.