Every little bit you do makes a difference!

Akela 2016 kicks off today! Who are the volunteers behind the scene that are making this fabulous event happen? We spoke to Desiree Hogan, Pack Scouter from 1st Edenvale Cub Pack and in control of the PR at the ‘Hub’ during Akela 2016!

desireeSSA: How long have you been involved in the Scouting Movement?
I have been involved for 19 years.

SSA: Why did you join the Cubbing branch?
My eldest son begged me for a year to join something called “Cubs”. I eventually took him though. During the first parent meeting we were told to step up to the plate or we are closing. Soon after that I went into uniform.

SSA: Name one of the most meaningful memories you have of your time in Cubbing?
Lots of them, mostly old Cubs coming back to say thank you.  It still breaks me every time!

SSA: What drives you to be of service to children?
I have a heart for children facing difficult circumstances. Children today have many obstacles to face. Guiding them to make better choices and helping them overcome some of their difficulties – especially those from broken homes – is what keeps me in the Movement.  Each child is special, but some have more need for guidance than others.

SSA: What is the nicest thing a Cub has ever said to you?
Thank you Akela!

SSA: What makes a good Akela / Pack Scouter?
Not putting Cubs into boxes – recognizing that each Cub is special, being able to help them realize that they can be proud to be themselves. Also caring for each individual child is what makes a good Akela.

SSA: What are you personally looking forward to for Akela 2016?
Learning from the other Akelas and making new friends.

SSA: What do you hope Akela 2016 achieves?
An awakening for South Africans to the needs all around us.  That every little bit you can do makes a difference to the person or people receiving it.

SSA: Lastly, we asked 100 Cubs what the weirdest thing is that they have eaten whilst on a camp. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten outdoors? At one of the adult training sessions the cook put corn flakes in everything…