Scouting is a grooming hub for credible leaders!

As we strive to recruit new adults and retain the ones within our organisation, we decided to shed some light on a few of our adult volunteers who go over and above to serve not only their communities but also the Scouting Movement. After his Scouting adventures, Gabonewe Phage from Potchefstroom in the North West Region joined the local Rover Crew. Now he is the Regional Team Coordinator for the Rovers in the North West Region.

gaboGabonewe joined the 1st Ikageng Scout Group as a Cub in 1990. In 1993 he moved to the 5th Ikageng Scout Group with whom he experienced his Cub and Scouting journeys. “The brotherhood fraternity of the Scouting movement, the outdoor adventures and the programmes that were presented to us on a regular basis. played a major role in keeping me committed to Scouting“, explains Gabo with enthusiasm. “To be honest, it was way better than school!“

Gabo wanted to continue Scouting after he turned 18 and the option of being a Rover motivated him even more. “Rovering shows a more matured and better understanding of the Scouting movement. My love for Scouting did not end at the age of 18, so I felt I could give back to the young Scouts as a Rover.” says Gabonewe with a smile.

I applied for the Regional Team Coordinator for Rovers position as I am a person who enjoys a challenge! I find that this portfolio is more challenging and fulfilling because of the attached dynamics of young adults. I will strive to further develop young adult leadership skills in our region so they can have a better understanding of Scouting fundamentals and as an end result, they can give back to both the community and Scouting in the region.”

As the Regional Team Coordinator Rovers for North West Gabonewe also builds up new Rover Crews. ” My aim is that the Crews are academically and technically strong , so they can support the region with various activities. Your outside achievements as a Rover are recognized and this pushes individuals to work hard in whatever they do. It teaches you to specialise in a certain field (Skills) and be fluent in other areas at the same time.  This – in turn – can be used in your daily job.” explains Gabo.

“After years in Scouting I can confirm the importance of it in our current society. I think that children learn that everyone has a purpose and they need to find and use it to create a better life for themselves and those around them. Scouting is so important because it directs an individual to their inner purpose and helps them find it. This results in the individual being able to live a life with good character enabling him/her to identify their roles in the community.“ he says firmly.

So what does Gabonewe want to tell his peers that are not yet Scouting members? “Scouting is not just for kids or a day care centre, we have programmes that can help young adults to acquire skill sets through our well-structured Rover programme. It’s more flexible as it will help an individual to engage in academic excellence and also technical excellence. Scouting restores order of good character in the world as Scouting is a grooming hub for credible leaders.“