The Scout Entsha Programme

Dear member,

The final version of the new Scout Programme  – Entsha Programme – is now available for review. This programme is due to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2018. We are therefore asking you as a SSA member to give us your comments.

So why the new programme?

It is vital for an organisation like the Scouting Movement to have a programme that is relevant and addresses the needs of youth and children within a specific society. Therefore, much like other Scout Associations, SSA had a thorough look at its programmes. The current South African Scout Programme is 15 years old. It was also noted that the number of Springbok Scout Awards was slowly diminishing and the question was asked why? It was established that the pressures on youth have consistently been changing and that the cost to attain a Springbok are unacceptably high. It was also noted that the number of Scouts attaining First Class also declined. SCOUTS South Africa EXCO commissioned a new programme which addresses the needs of all Scouts in South Africa.

To avoid confusion the new programme was named the Entsha Programme. In November 2015, a number of Troops around the country were selected to pilot the new programme. Their specific mandate was to comment on the programme, highlight any anomalies and make suggestions on improving it. In 2016, these Troops were consulted on how the programme was accepted, and to date all gave it the ‘thumbs-up’. Apart from the selected Troops, other third parties not affiliated to the Entsha Troops were selected by their respective Regional Commissioners to pass comment too. These comments were considered and incorporated where relevant.

The final version of the Entsha Programme is now available for review. This programme is due to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2018.

What does the Entsha programme entail?

There will now be five advancement levels, instead of the current six: Membership, Traveller, Discoverer, First Class and Springbok.

For each advancement level, there are six theme badges that have to be attained. These theme badges are: Safety Awareness, Living Outdoors, Adventure, Skills, Service and Personal Development.

One a Scout has obtained a theme badge within an advance level, they have the opportunity to move on to the next level theme badge without having to complete the entire advancement level. This allows the Scout to pursue the educational activities they enjoy. However, there are limits as to how far a Scout may advance with theme badges. It should also be noted that a new Cord has been added to the existing Bushman’s Thong, Airman Cord and Seaman’s cord. There is now a Service Cord that a Scout can attain. More information can be found in the Entsha programme.

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If you have any queries or a comment that you would like to make, please email: before 30 June 2017.

All supporting literature is being written, but it would be appreciated if anyone could volunteer to assist in writing some of the materials. If interested please email

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Chair : Entsha Scout Programme
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