Youth day message

In South Africa, Youth month and especially Youth day is of special significance as this commemorates the day when the youth stepped up to assume their role as leaders in their society, to effect the changes they saw they needed in their country.

If we look at our country today we can clearly see the many challenges our youth still face: unemployment, poor access to education, poverty, and many having to take on the responsibilities as heads of households either due to their parents being absent for a variety of reasons or else having been orphaned.

SCOUTS South Africa is an organisation dedicated to working to prepare the youth of South Africa from all backgrounds to be self-confident, Ethical leaders in their communities who make a positive difference to their own lives and those of the people around them. Youth month is a time to be reminded of and reflect on our “duty”.

To our adults, both inside and outside of Scouting, thank you for stepping up to do your bit to enable learning, up-skill and prepare the youth, and to our youth reach out and seize the support Scouting offers so that you can rise up and create or be part of the change you want, need and see.

Together we can start to address the challenges, even if it is just for each of us to take one step forward towards the solutions our people and our country needs.

Yours in Scouting,

Chief Scout


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