Pack Soup Kitchen for the Haven Night Shelter

Written by 1st Muizenberg APS Samantha Rouse

How do you know when a Cub is an inspirational leader to her peers?
When she manages to pull together a team of 15 Cubs and they turn out 40 liters of soup and 7 buttered loaves of bread on a Saturday!

And this is what Cub Kathryn Watson from the 1st Muizenberg Cub Pack in the Western Cape did for her Leaping Wolf, Messenger of Peace and early Mandela Day Project.

Planning started weeks prior, when requests from Akela in her weekly newsletter came through for donations for soup ingredients as well as clothing for this project.

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The teamwork in this Pack was incredible. The older Cubs assisted the younger ones, they took charge of situations which would make many parents very proud. From peeling vegetables, to the chopping and stirring, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, to the final filling of the 5 liter containers and delivering these to the Haven Night Shelter in Kalk Bay in the Western Cape.

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The Soup project day finally arrived. Peeling and chopping started at 11am on Saturday, 1 June 2019. There was so much positivity in the kitchen, the kids appeared to be having so much fun. They then took turns stirring the pots and while the vegetables evolved into a delicious soup, they buttered 7 loaves of bread and worked on various Interest Badges.

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Five hours after chopping began, it was time for the soup to cool. The Cubs patiently waited to ladle 40 liters of soup into 5 liter containers.  A few of the Cubs then joined in delivering the soup to the Haven Night Shelter.  The appreciation shown upon arrival will remain cherished in my memory. Project Successful: we provided a warm healthy meal and some clothing / bedding to those in need.

Well done Kathryn for not only choosing this project, but for being an inspiration to us all!

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