Scouting, a passport to adventure!

Wood Badge holder Annsley Bertha Spies lives in Mitchells Plain in Cape Town with her husband Bernard. Annsley has two children, her son Dorne who is deceased and her daughter Naomi. She also has three grandchildren. She works as a Facility Officer where she runs programmes and projects with youth and seniors citizens. When not working or Scouting, Annsley loves to get stuck into her garden. This is her Scouting story:

I joined Scouting because my kids were interested and I was a Girl Guide myself as a youngster. I currently serve as the Pack Scouter for the revived 1st Rocklands Cub Pack and I am also the District Commissioner for Mitchells Plain. Over the years I’ve had so many fun moments but one that stands out is the 16th Senior Scout Adventure in the Cederberg where I went scuba diving! In 2011 I had the opportunity to attend the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. It was a lot of fun! At the Jamboree I was awarded South Africa Female Heroine for volunteering at different bases. I also got stage duty and spent the night sleeping in open air on the stage whilst keeping an eye on the equipment and making sure none of the Jamboree participants played on the stage at night. Scouting is really a passport to adventure. It takes you places and you get to meet many faces.

After attempting to obtain my Wood Badge twice, third time proved lucky as I was able to complete it in 2009, with the help of Scouter Hubert Soeker. I still remember thinking “What am I getting myself into?”. The answer to that was given by the late Donald Alexander, he said after this course you will be able to teach others what Scouting is all about. The highlight for me was the Jungle Background as I learned ‘survival cooking skills’. Today, at each and every holiday programme or camp I facilitate for my workplace, I implement cooking without utensils! Learning new skills by doing it at the course and in Pack meetings is the Scouting way. One can only talk about something once you have experienced it yourself, hands on. As a Wood Badge holder I am proud to share my knowledge and experience with others, because I know what I have learned.

I also find that in my profession my Scouting skills are used daily. I use them to run workshops and in any opportunity where they can be relevant. I am now a confident person due to my Scouting training and my entire family is very proud of me, I’m their role model!”

Annsley’s life motto is:

Never give up! Do your best and be prepared to serve your community.”

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