Help us compile Scout Programmes-on-a-Plate

The revised Scout programme has been running for a couple of months now and hopefully all your Scouts have converted, and are benefiting from the exciting new programme!

With the launch of “My Scout Journey”,  the Scouts now also have a useful tool.

The Troop Scouters Working Kit, with a couple of initial modules, is available for purchase. However, it is far from complete! We envision the Working Kit to be a tool that keeps evolving and growing. As such, we are asking for your assistance.

Currently we are working on the “Programmes-on-a-Plate” module. If you are a Troop Scouter who has been working and putting together exciting programme plans using the revised Scout Programme, can you please add your programme plan in this Programme-on-a-Plate template and email it to me so we can share your ideas and inspire your peers?

Could Troop Scouters please submit their PoPs to me by the end of November 2019? You can send it to:  Find the Programme-on-a-Plate template here: Template Scout Programme-on-a-Plate 2019

Yours in Scouting,

Adrienne van der Watt
Chair: National Scout Programme