HV Marsh Award for Scout Journalism is digital

In 2018 the rules governing the annual HV Marsh Award for Scout Journalism were amended to the submission of digital newsletters and blogs on Group websites. To partake, pre-register your intention to do so before 28 February 2020.

What is the HV Marsh Award?

Founded in 1963, the prestigious HV Marsh Award attracts entries from Groups throughout the country. The philosophy behind the Award remains the encouragement of journalism and the promotion of effective communication within the Scouting community. Besides the main trophy – a magnificent Kudu Horn carrying the names of the previous winners – runners up qualify for Gold or Silver certificates.

The judging criteria of the individual entries take into account:

  • the variety of the content;
  • the value of the information contained therein;
  • the layout of the digital newsletter or page design of the blog post / online article;
  • and the actual personal involvement of Scouting members (Patrol/Six reports etc.).

Groups wishing to enter the 2020 annual competition must advise the National Office of their intention to do so by completing this entry form and submit it to info@scouts.org.za by closing of business on 28 February 2020.

Actual judging of the website and blogs will be based on the contents displayed on the four quarterly dates:

  • 31 March;
  • 30 June;
  • 30 September;
  • and 15 December.

Judging will be based on the content of the websites and blogs on the four dates. Do not forget to retain printed A4 screenshots of each quarter for submission of such material to be sent to the National Office – info@scouts.org.za – by 31 January annually. The judges reserve the right to look at individual websites during the course of the year.

Click here for Entry forms. Find T&C’s here.

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