Rental of Scouting properties & COVID-19

We are aware that many Groups and Districts currently rent out their properties to none Scouting users.  We have had some queries on the recommendation in terms of these users.

Our guidance is as follows:

  • At the current time other organisations are free to continue to use our venues.
  • If they have more than 100 participants they should not continue, in line with the instructions from the government.
  • If you have such users who wish to continue to operate, you should make them aware of the social distancing precautions they should be taking while using the venue.
  • We recommend that if there are activities in this period you should consider a proper disinfection and clean before normal activities resume.

If the government takes the step of banning all public gatherings in the future, you would need to advise all such users to stop using the premises until the ban is lifted.

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