Rovers provide essential service to the elderly

Rovers throughout the Gauteng Region have taken their duty to be of service to new heights as they perform an essential service during this period of lockdown to the sick and elderly. Under the coordination of Dawn Ledbitter and Kathleen Godfrey from the Prometheus Rover Crew in Tshwane South, they are collecting and delivering chronic medication and groceries to old age homes and elderly families.

Dawn Ledbitter

“When scrolling through Facebook I saw a post about a young boy who was delivering groceries to elderly people with his scooter in Sedgefield. This made me think of my own grandparents and how they should not be exposing themselves if our country would go on lockdown, explains Dawn. “As the reality came closer I spoke to my Crew and we started organising ourselves, obtained the permits required, developed a promotional pamphlet, put the logistics in place, as well as a safety and sanitation procedure which we stick to rigorously. This includes sanitising our hands and cars continuously, making use of the parking lot grocery pick-up options and ensuring that we have no direct contact with our “clients” at all. Once an order has been fulfilled we drop it off in front of their homes or at the security officers at old age homes. We then send them a message that they can collect their orders,” continues Dawn.

It feels good to be able to make a real difference in the lives of others.

“We don’t ask people for a delivery fee and the payment of the groceries is arranged is advance with the people we are assisting. To date we have had no problems with payments of groceries. The only time Rovers would ask for a small fuel donation is if the request for groceries is out of our delivery zone. That challenge is now also being addressed as Rovers from all over Gauteng are jumping on board to assist. Crews from Westrand, to Santon, to Randburg, etc… are all getting involved! This means that our reach and delivery zones have now been expanded. It is so rewarding to know that we are able to help people together during this difficult time. People are also very sweet and we get messages of thanks with blessings and many bible quotes.”

Kathleen Godfrey

Fellow Prometheus Rover Kathleen Godfrey doesn’t have a car of her own, so she has become the contact and coordination person for the delivery initiative. “I take the calls and connect the Rovers with the people who need groceries or medication,” explains Kathleen. “It really is a matter of doing whatever we can, however we can, within the government guidelines. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help others and to be of service, which is something we should be doing daily anyway”, she says.

“It feels good to be able to step up and make a real difference in the lives of others”, continues Dawn. “Doing the grocery shopping for people is also weirdly personal. I know which brand of shampoo is popular within one old age home and who has a sweet tooth and a love for condensed milk”, she says with a smile. “

When asked if she is fearful she would contract COVID-19 while providing this important service Dawn says ”The fear factor hasn’t registered yet as we are well prepared and have a good safety and social distancing system in place. Being of service like this is also an opportunity for a collapse of ego in order to bring comfort and peace of mind to the elderly and their families.”

Rovers in other Scout Regions who are looking into providing a similar service are encouraged to follow government guidelines and ensure they obtain the required permits and put stringent safety and health procedures in place to protect themselves and the people they serve.

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