What does Level 3 lockdown mean for Scouting?

Message from Chief Scout Brendon Hausberger

Greetings Meerkats, Cubs, Scouts, Rovers and Scouters,

On Monday we moved into Lockdown Level 3 and I am sure this is a relief for most of us as we see a lessening of the restrictions on our activities. For those of us fortunate enough to still have and be allowed to work, it brings back some sense of normality.

This also comes with the opening of schools and the concerns that this raises for us all.  As leaders in their communities, our Scouts have the skills and ability to help their peers understand the risks and manage them. To recognise this contribution, we have just introduced the COVID-19 Awareness Badge to all of our members that meet the requirements.  Educate yourselves and wear the badge with pride as you help your peers keep themselves safe.

We also will be launching our “Hike to Mahikeng” Challenge this week.  This will be open to all of our members, their families and other Scouting members from around the world.  We are challenging our Groups to collectively take advantage of the new outdoors time to get some exercise and stay healthy.

Sadly, the new regulations do not permit a full return to our regular Scouting, and as such we are not yet able to start meetings, camps or activities. However, we are seeing more and more online and at home Scouting.  I want to encourage our leaders and parents to support these initiatives and continue the growth and development of our young members. If you aren’t aware of the Scouting from home options you have or if you are not able to take part online, visit our COVID-19 page for some great ideas and activities to do at home.

Under the new regulations, we are aware that there are some activities that are now permitted for third party users that rent our halls. These are specifically for churches or essential service providers.  To help Scout Groups and Regions navigate the challenge of balancing the safety of their members, whilst complying with the rules, we have developed a property protocol as a guideline for affected Scout Groups to implement – should a third party user request to start using their property again. Please note that the usage of the halls by third party users is dependent on the local lockdown level/regulations.

The lockdown and its many weeks have been and will remain a challenge to us.  Our role is to ensure that our members, their families and communities are kept as safe as possible, and to provide as much opportunity for normal life within the rules.  So keep safe and continue to respect the social distancing regulations in your work, home and daily activities.

Yours in Scouting,

Brendon Hausberger
Chief Scout

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