Can you help us preserve member achievements?

Do you have an eye for detail, a love of admin and some time to spare?

Make things happen volunteer vacanciesBefore the current Scouts.Digital (SD) database was developed a lot of our Adult Support administration was paper-based. These records are very valuable. To ensure that the personal achievements of current and non-active members are preserved, they need to be converted to digital records and either uploaded onto Scouts.Digital or the Scout Wiki.

We are therefore appealing to our adult volunteers for assistance. Attention to detail and taking pride in your work are two prerequisites for these tasks over and above the knowledge of SD and Excel. Assistance would be on a voluntary basis.

At present we are looking for four volunteers:

1. Gauteng paper-based records to be uploaded onto Scouts.Digital. This person would need to be Gauteng-based to assist Gauteng RTC Adult Support Paula Groenewald with this section of the work.

This therefore includes:

  • Paper-based records for Gauteng members uploaded onto Scouts. Digital.
  • Uploading of non-active members to Scouts.Digital.
    (All Popi regulations will be observed)

2. At present Long Service and Merit Awards are kept on an Excel database on SharePoint. The database currently consists of simple spreadsheets. We are looking for a person – can be based anywhere in SA – with a thorough knowledge of Excel to upgrade these spreadsheets into effective documents where we can easily sort through the information. Additionally the content thereof would also need to be uploaded onto Scouts.Digital.

This therefore includes:

  • Long Service Awards: redo the worksheet found on SharePoint and upload data onto Scouts.Digital.
  • Merit Awards – redo the worksheet found on SharePoint and upload data onto Scouts.Digital.

3. We are looking for a member in the Western Cape to assist with converting the data from paper-based log books detailing Long Service and Merit Awards from years gone by into digital content. The information would need to be added to the Excel spreadsheets on SharePoint.

4. Going forward, all South African Long Service and Merit Awards will be posted onto the Scout Wiki. Once the Long Service Awards and Merit Awards info has been completed in the points above, we will need the assistance of a person to compile the lists with all recipients (name, award and year of award) on specially created Wiki pages. Special access will be granted to that person to the specified pages as they will be protected.

If you are willing to assist with one or more of these projects, please email

Yours in Scouting,
The Adult Support team.