Art for Frontline Workers

Calling all our creative Meerkats, Cubs and Scouts!

Over the past months we have all seen how our frontline medical professionals have been facing huge challenges. Last year our Meerkats and Cubs drew “thank you cards” to show our immense appreciation. This year, we ask you to do it again. But this time around the artwork would be displayed in corridors and workspaces of hospitals nationwide #colours4frontliners.

Through their contact with a medical equipment supply company called Zebra Medical, many doctors and hospital managers have specifically asked for art from school children to brighten up the corridors and wards in hospitals around our country. This is coming from our heroes in PPC. They are at a breaking point with low morale, exhaustion and loneliness and they would like children from around the country to brighten their space and restore hope.

It is not a competition. It is a request for children’s drawings. The Frontline Art initiative is running in schools around the country and SCOUTS SA has also joined the initiative. The art created can count towards the Meerkat Community Challenge badge or the Cub and Scout Artist Interest badges.

Here’s how you can help:



All Meerkats, Cubs and Scouts can participate.


  • Paper: Each drawing be done on white, A4 or A3 paper (depending on what you have available).
    Print the A4 template in colour and give it to your Meerkat, Cub or Scout to use for their artwork. Alternatively, print the page with SSA badge logos in colour, cut them out and paste them on the bottom right hand corner of the images you have received.
    Find them here: Frontline Art A4 template or the Printable page with SSA badge logo.
  • Media: The drawing can be done in any media except those with glitter as they need to be scanned.
  • The child’s name, grade/age and SCOUTS SA’s logo must be visible at the bottom right-hand corner.
  • The drawing must be about our medical and hospital support staff (cleaners etc.) as heroes and/or contain a message of thanks and appreciation. A single line of thanks will suffice. We would like these drawings to be of value to all South Africans so encourage the children to write their message in their home language.
  • We ask that this be done by CHILDREN. We know that sometimes parents like to get involved and we ask that this is STRONGLY discouraged.


  • Deadline: All artwork is to be submitted by the 30th of April 2021.
  • Once you have collected the artwork from your Den, Pack or Troop please ensure that each artwork has the child’s name, grade/age and a Scout logo at the bottom right hand corner of the page.
  • With written permission from the parents – share a photo of the Meerkat/Cub/Scout holding their drawing. SCOUTS SA will upload it on our national website and Instagram page and share it with Zebra Medical for their social media campaigns too.
  • Zebra Medical will collect the artwork from Scouters at the Scout Halls. The drawings will then be scanned, digitally reproduced and be distributed to hospitals nationwide. To notify the representatives of Zebra Medical of your participation so that they can facilitate the collection of the art please fill in the Google Form from the following link:
    Note: If you are struggling to connect with Zebra Medical, please inform your RC or Regional Office to obtain assistance.

Let’s get creative and show our appreciation!

Yours in Scouting,

Gary Pienaar
Chief Commissioner

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