Nature needs heroes #EarthHour

On the 27th of March 2021 millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories will come together to take action for people and nature and swtich off for Earth Hour. 

Once again SCOUTS South Africa has partnered with WWF SA in promoting action on Earth Hour’. As Scouts we strive to create a better world and to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  So, we are calling on our members to be one of the millions and to be a hero for Earth Hour.

Recent catastrophic events – wildfires, extreme weather, locust plagues, the Covid-19 pandemic – have exposed just how unbalanced our relationship with nature is. It is clearer than ever that our future and the future of our planet are linked, and both are under threat.

This year – amid the current global circumstances – WWF invites all Scouts and the broader Earth Hour community to create the same unmissable Earth Hour sight online. Let’s join the world in recognising and celebrating our planet and the role nature plays in our lives.


Earth Hour takes place at 8.30pm on Saturday, 27 March. But this year it’s not just about switching off; it’s about shining a light on the threats facing nature and repairing our relationship with it.

To be a Nature Hero and to receive the special #EarthHour content to share online during Earth Hour you would need to sign up here: . (All who sign up stand a chance of winning WWF Panda Gear to the value ot R1000.)

Already signed-up? Great! Check your mailbox on the day as WWF will send you the exciting tools to use as you take part in the first-ever virtual spotlight Earth Hour event.

Scouts partnership with WWF

In February 2019 an MoU was signed between the Africa Scout Region and WWF with the intent to strengthen collaboration to stimulate and empower young people to become stewards of the environment and promoters of sustainable development practices in their local communities across Africa. The Regional MoU builds on a global partnership signed in March 2018 to advance sustainable development education and action among young Africans. This cooperation recognises the enormous challenges facing our planet and the important role young people have in creating a more sustainable world. The promotion of Earth Hour and the implementation of activities are part and parcel of this partnership.

We look forward to your active participation in this year’s Earth Hour where we will be able to shine the virtual spotlight on our planet together!

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