Sanjamb postponed to 2022

Dear Scouting members,

Despite the enthusiasm to hold a Sanjamb in 2021, the organising committee and the SSA leadership team have made the difficult decision that this will not be possible, given the challenges posed by the current Covid pandemic and the likelihood that restrictions will be with us for some time yet.  Under these circumstances the holding of a National Jamboree for some 1200 Scouts and Scouters at a single venue is just not feasible.

It is with disappointment that we announce that Sanjamb will now be postponed to a date in December 2022.  The actual event dates will still need to be confirmed, once school calendars are available and the organising committee have had time to review the alternatives.  We remain committed to hosting an exciting National Jamboree at the Emseni site in the KZN Drakensberg next year.

To those members who have expressed their interest in participating, thank you.  We hope that you will still be able to join us next year.  Full refunds will be made for any deposits already paid.  If you have any questions regarding the postponement, please contact the organising committee at

To ensure that Scouts have suitable adventurous activities to look forward to in 2021, the following arrangements will be made.  The organising committee will be organising a Regional Camp at the Emseni site, as a trial run for the full event and to develop the capacity of the team.  Numbers will be limited to the maximum allowed by the Covid restrictions in place at the time.  In addition, the Region will also look at the feasibility of hosting another KZN Scout Challenge in the Drakensberg mountains, over this period.

Similarly, all Regions have been asked to consider organising Regional Camps, hikes or other adventurous activities in December 2021, to make up for this postponement.  So please watch the National website and regular announcements for details on these replacement activities, as they unfold.

Yours in Scouting,

Gary Pienaar
Chief Commissioner
SCOUTS South Africa