Thank you to all our parents

thank you cardAs the Scout Movement in South Africa, we are very aware that without your support and encouragement we would not be able to work with your children to prepare them to deal with the challenges they will face as the next generation.

From enabling them to be prepared for meetings, to drving them to camps, events and competitions. Some of you also step in and volunteer your time and expertise.

The challenge that lockdown has created for all parents here and around the world cannot be overlooked.  From becoming a stand-in teacher to finding creative ways to keep your young people occupied. For many of you while also trying to do you day job, or coping with the stresses of not having work and the uncertainty of what the future of your job may be. And all of this while keeping a confident and brave face for your kids.

Parenting is not easy, but it is the greatest impact most of us will have on the future. It is the legacy we will all leave for tomorrow. 

Thank you to everyone of you for being the best parent you can be. Not just now under these trying circumstances, but every day of the year.