67 minutes of service to feed hungry families on Mandela Day

SCOUTS SA Mandela Day Initiative 2021

Annually Scouts around the country honour our late Patron Nelson Mandela by giving at least 67 minutes of their time for Mandela Day, on the 18th of July.

Last year we introduced the Jars of Hope initiative whereby members could add dry ingredients to empty jars and give them to people in need of food. Given the huge uptake and impact of the Jars of Hope campaign, we are calling on you to do it once more!

The ongoing Covid pandemic has impacted so many lives, and many families are hungry. Being given a jar of soup ingredients that provides a warm meal for four people could offer some solace and hope amidst the cold winter and lockdown.

67 minutes of service

Let’s all take action and spend 67 minutes putting together Jars of Hope for people within our local communites and neighbourhoods – whilst adhering to the lockdown regulations!

The challenge is simple:

  1. Recycle your glass jars, yoghurt tubs or containers. 
  2. Add the soup mix to the containers. There are many different recipes possible. Please find an example below. When using a different recipe please keep potential food requirements / allergies in mind.
  3. Add your Scout Group name and print these Scout branded instruction labels:
    Instruction labels Jar of hope _editable; jar_of_hope_label_w_ingredients_editable; 
  4. These Jars of Hope can be made once-off on Mandela Day for 67 minutes or you can set a target for your Den, Pack, Troop, Crew or Group and make and share them throughout the winter months. A fun idea is to make a virtual event out of it and make them “together from home”!
  5. Individuals / families that complete jars/containers can hand them out to people in need or get in touch with local community organisations, shelters or feeding schemes to arrange delivery.
    Scout Groups that plan to collect the jars/containers in order to pass them on to local organisations need to take safety precautions into account. Find a best practice shared by the KZN Highway District here.

How to make the Jars of Hope?

Labels by Craig Finnan.

What you need:

  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 soup mix
  • 1 cup lentils
  • 1 unwrapped stock cube
  • 1 packet soup powder
  • A large jar or container


  • Measure your ingredients
  • Place the ingredients in layers in the jars
  • Unwrap your stock cube and place it on top
  • Seal your jar/container/tub
  • Attach the cooking instruction label. Optional: add the label with ingredients.

If possible, share your stories:

  • Let us know what your Group did and how many people within your Scout Group / family spent 67 minutes of their time putting together jars/tubs/containers of hope.
  • Share your stories and photos with Natasha at pr@scouts.org.za so we can continue to support and inspire each other.

Let’s honour our late Patron Nelson Mandela and support our local families.