SSA Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024

As a Movement SCOUTS South Africa is committed to being a positive influence in the lives of young
people and preparing them to be the future leaders within social movements, industries and society.
To be able to increase that constructive impact, we need to work towards supporting more youth in
meaningful ways.

We would not be able to maintain that impact and deliver interesting and qualitative programmes without our valued and appreciated adult volunteers.  Therefore, we need to ensure that we have the necessary enablers in place to deliver that programme and volunteer support. This means sustainable support and financial resources to be able to provide venues, equipment, programme material and training to our volunteers; having open and image building communication with our internal and external stakeholders; and making sure that the supporting infrastructure for our processes is simple, easy and accessible.  We need to build and reinforces our Movement to ensure that we succeed in our objectives.

The actions required of every member to realise the strategy will be different.  But make no mistake we all have a part to play. The responsibility of a unit Scouter or SGL towards the growth goal or financial sustainability goal are clearly different from those of the National Chair Scout programme or the National Finance committee, but we all have a contribution to make.

Your starting point is to understand the strategy and then actively look for opportunities in your day-to-day actions to progress these areas for Scouting in your communities and the country as a whole.

Scouting is a powerful force for good in the world today so if we all work together in alignment with this strategy, we can build on our successes and achieve more together!

Find SCOUTS South Africa’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024 HERE.

Chief Scout
Dr Brendon Hausberger