Let’s recognise our volunteers!

Say thank you to your Scouter, DC, RC or another SSA volunteer that has made an impact in your life & they stand a chance to become SSA’s 2022 Scout Hero!

On the 20th of April the World celebrates volunteers. We feel that volunteers should be celebrated every day for their dedication and hard work. We would like to hear from you how your Scouters and fellow adult volunteers are changing your life!

From all entered videos, our marketing and influencer team will select a Scout Hero for 2022! Entries close on 20 April 2022.

Record a short video with your phone (in landscape, in a well-lit and quiet area) in which you tell us your name, your Scout Group/Role, the name of the Scouter/adult volunteer you are talking about, and how they have impacted your life. You can also share a message to that person in the video. We will share as many of them as possible on our various social media platforms and websites, so if a child is featured, please ensure you have parental permission BEFORE sharing it with us. 

To enter:

– Email or We Transfer to natasha.kayle@scouts.org.za OR
– WhatsApp 068 069 9463.