Don’t miss out on the Cederberg Senior Scout Adventure 2022! 

Written by Conrad Thomas

Ones journey through life, is often punctuated by awesome events around which incredible memories are formed, fond memories that you will cherish for a life time.  The Senior Scout Adventure is one such event that punctuates ones Scouting career, accruing all those Scouting memories into one “cherry on the top” Scouting experience, which is shared amongst all who participate. 

After 6 years of absence, the Senior Scout Adventure is back in the Cederberg from the 15th  to the 23rd of December 2022! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

For those of you who don’t know, the Cederberg is a mountain range approximately 300km north of Cape Town of about 50km in extent,  bounded in the east by the dry Tanqua Karroo and in the west by the Olifants River. The dominating characteristic of the Cederberg is the sharply defined sandstone rock formations, often with a reddish colour, which presents the Adventure participant hiking through this twisted and gnarled landscape with surprises literally around every corner. Surprises not experienced elsewhere in South Africa. 

The Senior Scout Adventure consists of 3 hiking trails covering the full extent of the Cederberg that can either be hiked in a clockwise or anti-clockwise, giving a total of six itineraries from which one can be chosen.  Spread along these trails are a series of awesome and challenging bases or activity centres were participants can use there Scouting skills to attain an objective in a fun and social setting.  Depending on your itinerary, you will be overnighting under the stars, “chilling out” with your Patrol, racontering the day’s highlights until your eyelids become heavy and slip into your sleeping bag.  In the canopy above you, the Milky Way will be in full splendour and “grotesque” silhouettes of Cederberg sandstone edifices that will trick the imagination will occupy the horizons.  

Days, apart from being at the activity bases, are spent hiking on the twisting trails of the Cederberg, to the sound of crunching sandstone underfoot and creaking backpacks under an African sun. Time can be spent trying to get the best vantage point for that panoramic photo we all wish for, while on the trail.  Depending on the itinerary there will be opportunities for  that “ cool down swim” at the hottest part of the day. Yes there will indeed the challenges on the way, but the collective overcoming of these challenges are the very fabric that will cement the cohesion and Adventure memories for your Patrol that will stand the test of time. 

The Adventure affords the participant the opportunity to meeting Scouting colleagues from across South Africa and expanding your Scouting network, exchanging ideas and forging new friendships that would have otherwise not have been possible.  An opportunity that strengthens that “purple thread” binds us all. 

The Senior Scout Adventure is open to all senior Scouts who are over the age of 15 as from the 15th December 2022.  To minimize the environmental impact in the Cederberg, it stands to reason that there are a fixed number of participants the Adventure can accommodate so you need to take action now by creating an account at and register for the event to secure your place. The maximum Patrol size is 9 participants and each Patrol will need to assign a Patrol Leader. Prior to the event, each Patrol will be assigned an experienced Mountain Ranger to advise and guide the Patrol Leader. 

The Senior Scout Adventure Team acknowledges the fact that there has been no Senior Scout Adventure since 2016, and that there is almost a generation of Scouts that have missed out on the opportunity that the Senior Scout Adventure provides. In recognition of this, the Senior Scout Adventure Team has provided a bonus opportunity in 2022 for aged out Scouts and Rovers over the age of 18 to take part. The only provision being that the Patrol must exclusively consist of over 18 year olds.  So now there is no excuse for not having a Senior Scout Adventure experience under ones belt in ones Scouting career. In addition, this bonus, provides a unique opportunity to rekindle those past Scouting relationships, that were somewhat compromised since 2016, when the last Senior Scout Adventure was held. A good opportunity to welcome potential new young Adult Leaders into the Movement, perhaps. 

In addition to the above, there are possibilities for staffing at the Senior Scout Adventure bases and activity centres.  This provides an opportunity for Scout Groups who wish to man bases and activity centre to operate and meet informally in an environment that will inspire new ideas and actions for 2023 that lies ahead. 

We encourage all eligible Scouts to take this tremendous opportunity that the Senior Scout Adventure provides and ACT NOW to register… “you just haaaaaave to be there”… space is limited!