25WSJ 365 Day Challenge!

1 August 2022 marks 365 days until the start of the 25th World Scout Jamboree! 

We challenge all contingent members to do something really special to commemorate that the start to an awesome Scouting experience is only a year away! Show us how excited you are!

Make a banner and hang it up at a fish shop, your Scout hall, the City Hall, any place! You could also climb a tree, a hill or a mountain and fly a flag! Do something random, legend, or unique and take a photograph and or video of you and your fellow Scouts in action on the day (1 August 2022)!

You can be joined by Scouts from your own Troop or other Jamboree Contingent members. The only requirement is that you do it in your Scout uniform and that ‘25WSJ 365’ or ‘365 days to go to 25WSJ’ features in the photo. 

Send your 365 Challenge photos/videos, with a brief story of what you did to mark the one-year-to-go to the 25WSJ, to benita.jaftha@scouts.org.za and we’ll publish the best entries on social media, the next bulletin and on the website. Don’t forget to indicate which Scout you are in the photograph AND to ensure you have parental consent for your fellow Scouts to be online.