We have the power to share, learn and grow

Message from Chief Scout Khonzaphi Mdaka

As we celebrate the women in our lives and within our movement #womensday, I realise how much of an impact they have on the lives of the children, youth, and adults we serve.

As citizens and human beings, we have the power to share knowledge and abilities, we are able to grow and develop no matter our circumstances, gender, or age. Let us not be apologetic when we celebrate the role of  woman in creating better citizens of our country and the world we live in.

Scouting creates an environment where boys and girls, men and women can communicate on equal footing, where intergenerational skills transference is integrated into our methodology, and where people can internalise values such as honesty, loyalty, integrity, thrift, and helpfulness. Within our Groups, leadership is encouraged, and intellectual and physical development takes place whilst having fun and engaging with our programmes and activities. And all of this regardless of gender.

Women's DayThe patriarchal world has made it difficult for our mothers and daughters to stand up and be counted for their economical contribution within the work space and their families. But as Scouts we see it, we feel their presence, and we know that without them we would be lost. In this critical time within our country, SCOUTS South Africa offers each and every one of us the opportunity to develop into persons of good character. If together we can continue to create upstanding citizens who recognise the need for equal socio-economic standing for all, then we can create a better South Africa for the future.

I dare say to the women and girls out there: “You are not as small as you are made out to be, you are equally as smart as those who undermine you  So don’t hold back because we need you to create the socio economical empires that will contribute to the growth of our country”.

I also want to thank all our members for working so hard to bridge generational gaps, for ensuring equality for all women and girls within our movement, and for being first class Scouting members! As Scouts we celebrate izimbokodo zaseMzansi!