Gilwell Reunion: “Learning never stops, sharing inspires others!”

Message from Chief Commissioner Gary Pienaar

Greetings to my fellow volunteers around the country, on this Gilwell Reunion Day.

Gilwell Reunion is one of my personal highlights on the Scouting calendar as it is an opportunity to renew old friendships, meet new people, network, share ideas and more importantly to have fun together.  The reunion was established to mark the first Woodbadge course held in 1919.  This event has taken place each year since 1921 (except for four years during the Second World War) and more recently in the past two years where we provided virtual alternatives due to the Covid pandemic.  So, over 100 years of the Gilwell magic, heritage and tradition.

Scouting’s mission is to ‘Create a Better World’.  This requires us to see things not as they are, but rather how they could or should be, then take actionable steps to turn this vision into a reality.  In his last message to the Scouts, our founder Baden-Powell, charged us all to ‘leave this world a little better than we found it”.  So, what can we do to achieve this?

Firstly, our task is to provide access to the gift of Scouting to more and more young people.  Teaching the core values of Scouting through our active and compelling programme.  Providing young minds with the skills and confidence to face the challenges of the future.

Secondly, to inspire and encourage more adult volunteers to give of their time to make Scouting happen. As Woodbadge holders, and also to those still completing their training, it means setting the example for others and showing the way.  Each of us remembering that ‘learning never stops’ and ‘sharing inspires others’.

By growing our adult volunteer base and growing our youth membership, we grow Scouting.  And simply put, more Scouts equals a better world!