Scout it. Brew it. Enjoy it. #Brewspoon

As Scouting members, we love to be out and explore the world we live in. Sometimes the only thing that’s missing is a great cup of filter coffee whilst enjoying the outdoors!

To further diversify our income streams SCOUTS South Africa has partnered with the local company Plus Two Seven Innovations Pty Ltd to offer outdoor and coffee enthusiasts the opportunity to Scout & Brew & Enjoy a great cup of filter coffee on the go with a BrewSpoon. The BrewSpoon is re-usable, light, and practical!

Proceeds from the sale of the BrewSpoon will be used to support and implement Scouting projects nationwide – predominantly in rural and disadvantaged areas.

Where to get a BrewSpoon?

Get your BrewSpoon at the Online and National Scout Shop for only R189! 
To order: Discounted rates for bulk orders available. Regional Scout Shops will follow soon.

How does it work?

All you need to do is “Fill it. Cup it. Brew it.”

  • Fill it – Open and fill your BrewSpoon with 15g to 18g of your favourite, coarsely ground coffee. Close it.
  • Cup it – Place your closed BrewSpoon in your empty cup and fill the cup with hot water.
  • Brew it – Stir for roughly 1 minute and allow it to brew for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove and enjoy!