A moment to reflect and be grateful…

Message from Gary Pienaar, Chief Commissioner

As 2022 draws to a close, it’s time to pause and reflect …  A moment to be grateful for our friendships and our families, a moment to think about our accomplishments, both as individuals and collectively as a Movement, and also to be thankful for those who supported us and helped get us there.

We can all be grateful for a busy and fun-filled year, as Scouting returned to ‘normal’ after two years of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions.  Thanks to our many Adult Volunteers who helped provide an exciting and compelling Scouting programme, as well as the many activities and events for our youth members to enjoy.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.  We eagerly await the final collation of the 2022 Census, to see how this has impacted on our membership growth and the influence we have in the communities we serve.

To our members who recently completed their Matric examinations, congratulations on reaching this milestone in your life’s journey.  I’m sure that your efforts will be justly rewarded, as Scouts always ‘do their best’.  Take the time to enjoy the moment, celebrate your achievements, and look forward to the possibilities that the new year brings.

For those who are privileged to be participating in the Senior Scout Adventure in the Cederberg starting today, enjoy every moment.  I am delighted that this signature event is taking place once again.  Special thanks to the Adventure Committee and to all the other volunteers for making this possible.  We look forward to hearing all the exciting stories, photos, and social media posts from this unique event.

Finally, to all our members, enjoy this special holiday time with your family and friends.  Take time to rest and recharge.  For those who celebrate the season, a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year that lies ahead.  For all those travelling at this time, stay safe.  For those working in essential and other services through this holiday period, helping to keep the rest of us safe and able to enjoy the moment, thank you for your commitment and sacrifice.

May God bless you and your family abundantly.  We look forward to your safe return and an exciting 2023 Scouting year ahead.