Strong Leadership. Confident Youth. Strong Communities.

Message from Khonzaphi Mdaka, Chief Scout

Dear Scouting members,

Chief Scout Khonzaphi Mdaka

As I look around and see all the exciting training, events, and programmes that are taking place, I find myself taking stock of how far we have come together as a Scout Movement and think of the incredible things that you as Scouting volunteers and members have achieved and have done for your communities.

The transference of values, and the learning that has taken place – and that will continue to take place in the months ahead – are truly catalysts for hope and change. By implementing our Scouting programmes together, we enable the sharing and acquiring of leadership and practical life skills that not only help us grow as people, but also afford us the ability to lead, to inspire and to change our circumstances and that of our families.

Our leadership as Scouting volunteers and youth sets the tone and example for the leadership of our children in the future. While we run our programmes, manage our portfolios, undertake outdoor adventures, competitions, community service projects and interact with others, our youth, children, and peers are watching and learning. I therefore call on you to continue to embody the values that lie within our Scout Law. I encourage you to be mindful of setting a positive example for those looking up to you, and I dare you to expand your horizons and take on opportunities both within Scouting as in your professional or school environments.

Our activities are in full swing and the joy and adventure that is Scouting is felt nationwide. This year we will be running our “Champions for Nature” National Challenge with a focus on biodiversity and our role in conserving the very environments we love to explore. Our National Challenge also includes participating in the Global Litter Less Campaign during February and March. I urge you all to join in the challenge and to show our peers and communities that as Scouts we not only care about what is happening around us, but that we are also standing up and doing something about it – as true “champions”. For us to assist your Group, please don’t forget to register for the National Challenge here.

As you know, we have a few key positions vacant within the Movement and we are working hard to fill them. We welcome applications for any of these. Find them here: We have also heard your calls for enhanced communication and will be moving onto the D6 Communicator for SCOUTS South Africa. More information about this will follow soon. Until then, we will be sharing updates through the national announcements, national and regional websites, and social media channels. Be sure to sign up to the mailing lists and like our channels.

With leaders such as you, the holistic programmes we have in place, and the enthusiastic and courageous members we have in Scouting, there is nothing stopping us from growing and developing generations of skilled and confident youth, who can contribute to strong communities and a better world!