Golden rules of internet safety

Do you know how to be safe online? Do your Scouts know how to be safe online?

Over the past years, we have all been spending a lot more time in virtual meetings, on online platforms, and have been communicating with virtual friends. As Scouts, we aim to always “Be Prepared”. This also needs to apply to the online world.

So today on Safer Internet Day we encourage you to check out the Scouting Golden Rules to online Safety.

You could also take one action today to help make online spaces a bit safer:

  • You could change your social media passwords,
  • check & update your privacy settings,
  • report concerning content you come across.
  • or if you have 10 minutes, log-in to your account and take the World Scouting’s mini “Be Safe Online” course: .

Find information about SCOUTS South Africa’s Safe from Harm framework here.

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