Register to start your Springbok Journey today!

springbok badge - SCOUTS South AfricaIt is mandatory for all aspirant Springbok Scouts to register as a Springbok Candidate with SCOUTS South Africa’s National Office, before starting the Springbok Journey!

A Scout must be at least sixteen (16) years old and must have completed all the requirements and have achieved the First Class Advancement Level prior to registering and commencing their Springbok Journey.

The final cut-off age for registering for Springbok is six months prior to the Scout’s eighteenth birthday, i.e. seventeen and six months (17½), at the very latest. This gives sufficient time to complete all Springbok requirements without the possibility of compromising standards.

The completion of all requirements for the Springbok Award must occur before the Springbok Candidate’s eighteenth birthday.

Until end June 2023, a concession will be given to Scouts who are nearing the age of 17½ shortly and have not achieved the First Class Advancement Level as yet and would like to work towards achieving their Springbok Award. They must please contact their RTC Scout Programme as soon as possible to discuss their Springbok Journey.

Find the Springbok Award Registration and Application Guidelines here.