What does your Scarf mean to you? #WorldScoutScarfDay

On the 1st of August Scouts and former Scouts stand together and wear their Scout scarves in public to make the “Spirit of Scouting” visible. #WorldScoutScarfDay

This year we are asking you to share with us “What your Scout scarf means to you?” Does it bring back Scouting memories? Do you feel proud to be part of a Scout Group? Does it represent the completion of a personal challenge, like the Woodbadge training?

Wear your Scout scarf in public on the 1st of August and make a short video or take a selfie of yourself and let us know what wearing your scarf means to you? Share it online, tag us, or DM, email (info@scouts.org.za) or WhatsApp (068 069 9463) us your video or image with your quote!

Let’s have some FUN and show the world what wearing our scarves means to South African Scouts!

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