WhatsApp peer support for Springbok Award Candidates

The Springbok Award is the highest award achievable by any Scout in South Africa.

Recently, a Springbok Support WhatsApp Group was created to support SCOUTS SA Springbok Candidates on their Springbok Journey. The aim of the WhatsApp group is to be a national support group for Springbok Candidates run by Springbok Scouts, ” for Scouts by Scouts,”. However, the Troop Scouter should always be the Scout’s first port of call for any direct assistance on their Path to Springbok.

A number of Springbok Scouts from several Regions will, through their own recent Springbok experience, be available on the Group to assist Springbok Candidates on their Path to Springbok and provide support and guidance with Springbok-related questions and queries. In so doing, other Springbok Candidates on the WhatsApp group will benefit from the question and answers posted. Currently there are 54 Springbok Candidates from across the country who are registered and are working on their Springbok Journey.

Scouts that want to start their Springbok journey need to register to start. Once registered, Springbok Candidates will be added to the Springbok WhatsApp support group. Once you have achieved your Springbok Award you might be asked to stay as a mentor to others, or will be removed upon completion.

We hope this platform will provide additional support to the Springbok Candidates along their Path to Springbok and wish them all the best!