Let’s embrace the essence of Scouting this month

Image: https://imgbin.com/free-png/baden-powell

On the 22nd of February Scouts all over the World will be celebrating the birthday of our founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell.

In founding the Scout Movement, Lord Baden-Powell believed that the Scout Method would go far to replace fear with compassion, and misunderstanding with sympathy. He felt that by training and empowering young people to expand their horizons and learn by doing, in an atmosphere of kindness and encouragement, instead of one of fear and anger, we could all work to leave this world a better place than how we found it. Today, all around the world, the Scout Movement continues to create positive change.

Nationwide, Founder’s Day events will be held. The Western Cape Scout Region will be celebrating on Sunday 18 February and the other Regions will be hosting their events over the weekend of 24 – 25 February 2024. Look out for your Regional communications on where and when your Scout Region will be hosting their Founder’s Day celebrations!

Scouting children, youth and adult leaders will get together to have fun, share their Scouting Adventures, and some of them will receive recognition for their dedication, contributions and achievements throughout the year.

Scouting members are also encouraged to make a splash and represent our Scout Movement proudly by wearing their SCOUTS South Africa uniform to work and / or school on the Friday before the celebrations take place.

Let us know what your Group, Crew, Troop, Pack or Den is doing to celebrating the day! Share it with us on info@scouts.org.za