How your current skills count for Adult Leader Training

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The National Adult Leader Training team have been hard at work and have finalised a Practice Note and method to include the Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) in the adult leadership training courses.

Throughout our working and social lives, we acquire and develop many skills. The concept of recognition of current competence acknowledges an individual’s experience gained through past and present training and education. This allows you to have your existing skills, knowledge and experience recognised, improving the effectiveness of the training process.

The RCC Practice Note outlines the process developed to identify the skills, knowledge and experience that you already possess. The emphasis lies on your ability to perform the specific tasks required by the competencies in the programme, not on how or where you gained your skills.

What is Recognition for Current Competence

Recognition of Current Competence is a process of identifying your knowledge and skills against a training module or part thereof. It can also be used for part of full completion of an activity license. The individual will be required to do a self-assessment to the Regional Training Team through which they can evaluate the individuals’ competence, knowledge, skills and understanding of Policies that are applicable to the level of training being assessed.

What are Competencies?

Competency-based training is focused on specific competencies or skills developed through each Adult Leader Training Course. It is also known as outcome-based learning/training or skills-based learning/training. A competence is therefore the ability to display the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform a given task.

The Process to apply for RCC:

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Natasha Kayle