Done the City Nature Challenge, what now?

If you participated in the City Nature Challenge as a SCOUTS South Africa members, then you have till Sunday to sync your latest images on the App. Ensure that your observations are uploaded (synched) to the iNaturalist App and are correct (with a date, locality, photo and assigned to the Scouts South Africa Project).

Scout Group Leader (SGL) Request

SGLs are kindly asked to start determining how many Meerkats, Cubs, Scouts, Rovers, and Scouts from their Group have an observation count of 10 or more and who therefore earned the City Nature Challenge event badge. Knowing the count obviously allows the Group to order the exact number of required badges. Final iNaturalist user counts will be available on 6 May 2024 00:00:00.

How to order your CNC badges? Please see

The deadline to order and pay for your Group’s City Nature Badges within your Region is 10 May 2024. The National Scout Shop will place the order later in May, following receival of the total orders and payments from all Regions.

Observation Counts

Observation counts per user for all the Regions are provided below. Please note these are INTERIM results. The final results will only be shown on 6 May 2024 00:00:00.

Please note that the totals per user that are shown by clicking on any website address from above and may go down if observations are subsequently marked as “Casual”. They may go up as people synch their phones with iNaturalist.  This is why the final stats are only cast in stone on 6 May 2024 00:00:00.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Why do my total number of observations that are on my phone not match what the above URLs state?”
Please see under the heading Checking your Observations

“I have forgotten to assign my Observations to the Scouts South Africa project. How can I do this quickly?”
Please see