One week to go until the Comrades Marathon! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Hey, incredible runners! As the excitement builds and the final countdown begins, we want to remind you of a powerful way to make your race even more meaningful. 💪

Have you considered creating a fundraiser on GivenGain to support SCOUTS SA? 🌟 It’s not just about conquering those grueling miles; it’s about leaving a lasting impact on our communities. Here’s your chance to turn your passion for running into a force for good! 🌍👟

How to get started:

  1. Head over to GivenGain and set up your fundraising page using this link:
  2. Share your page with friends, family, and fellow runners.
  3. Encourage them to donate and help us empower youth through SCOUTS SA.

Here’s why it matters:

👉 SCOUTS SA empowers young people to develop skills, build character, and make a positive difference in their communities.

👉 Every rand raised goes directly towards supporting youth programs, providing resources, and creating opportunities for growth and development.

👉 Your fundraising efforts can inspire others to join the cause and amplify our impact.

Let’s make every stride count, not just for personal achievement, but for the betterment of our society. Together, we can create lasting change! 🌟👟 #ComradesForACause #RunForSCOUTSSA