10th Serbian National Jamboree

SSA members are invited to attend the 10th Serbian national Jamboree from the 27th of July to the 5th of August 2018. The jamboree will be held on the shores of Lake Ada Ciganlija, an urban retreat just 5km from the Belgrade city center. This year’s theme is “Scouting for all” and will include 4 themes: Science, History and tradition of Serbia, Art and Environmental protection.

The participation fee is EUR 190 for participants as from 16 years old. The fee covers transport from one of the official entry points to the jamboree site, all the meals starting with dinner on 27.07 and ending with breakfast on 05.08, participants pack and activities from the jamboree program. Adults can join the International Service Team (IST). The fee for IST is EUR 90 and covers the same as above. Flights, airport transfers, visa costs, etc. are not included. Participants, leaders and IST are expected to bring their own cutlery, cup, tents, sleeping bags and mattresses.

If you are interested in participating please email international@scouts.org.za; subject line 10th Serbian national Jamboree. Please DO NOT contact the organisers directly.

More information here: Serbian Jamboree presentation ENG