National Position Chief Commissioner

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise the outstanding service, commitment, energy and dedication that Andrew Tanner has brought to this role.  Andrew has, through what has been almost a full-time commitment, managed to assemble, guide and support an incredible team of volunteers at National level, support our Regional Commissioners and deliver some significant progress to our strategic objectives.

We are now coming to the end of the 2 years of Andrew’s Warrant in the role, which will expire on 31 January 2020. Andrew does not wish to apply for an extension to his Warrant, but has agreed to remain an active member of SSA supporting the delivery of Scouting to our members.  As a Movement, we must pause to appreciate his service, and now look to fill the role to ensure a continuity of service to you, our members.

We are now calling for nominations and applications for the role of Chief Commissioner of SCOUTS South Africa.


The applicant for the role should have:

  • experience of Scouting;
  • an understanding of the organisation structure;
  • an understanding of the current strategic intent;
  • a sound understanding of the current SSA Policies;
  • good leadership, management and communication skills;
  • demonstrated ability to develop, implement and oversee strategic initiatives;
  • conflict management skills;
  • ability to travel to the regions;
  • access to email and office facilities will be a requirement.

Nominate or apply:

Once the respective form has been completed, email it to before closing of business on 4th of November 2019.